Blemish Balm Honey

315.00 AED

Blemish Balm Honey Covering special care for irritated, reddened and impure skin

The Blemish Balm with panthenol and bisabolol calms reddened skin and makes it look faultless. Especially developed for irritated, large-pored and impure skin. However, it can be used on any skin type. Redness and impurities subside more quickly thanks to effective ingredients and can perfectly be covered. The BB Cream has a soft matt effect and leaves a pleasant, non-greasy skin feeling. Also available in shades “Classic”, “Dark” and “Light” for lighter skin tones. Free from parabens.

The original Blemish Balm by Dr. Schrammek was invented by company founder Christine Schrammek more than 50 years ago. Get the true original which set the category benchmark!

🌿 Suitable for vegans