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The skin around the eye area has a thickness of 0.5 mm and is much thinner than the normal facial skin, having a thickness of approximately 1.75 – 2.5 mm. Additionally, the eye area has little subcutaneous fat and only has few sebaceous and sweat glands.

First signs of skin aging quickly becomes visible in the eye area because the amount of collagen and elastic fibers is lower than in other skin areas of the face. Furthermore, the eye area is stressed by frequent blinking of the eyes resulting in an accumulation of water. Eye care products can, on the one hand, help to prevent premature skin aging, provide moisture and, on the other hand, reduce swelling and shadows under the eyes. Contrary to other care creams, they contain no creeping oils which often irritate the eyes.

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High Perfection Eye Cream Eye care product for helping to reduce the appearance of small wrinkles and shadows under the eyes.

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Hydra Maximum Eye Fluid Moisturizing, puffiness-reducing fluid.

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Time Control Eye Cream  Smoothing eye zone care

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